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Blains have a full range of commercial tyres for vans and lorries, from small vans, pickups to 40‘ articulated lorries and trailers. Any size commercial tyre, from budget to premium tyres, are all readily available at Blains Trailers and Tyres, near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Commercial Vehicle Tyres:

The two main points to consider when buying commercial tyres are weight and pressure. These two considerations are explained in detail below.


The most important difference between commercial tyres and car tyres is their weight carrying capacity. A typical car tyre can accept a maximum load of 400-600 Kg while a 'light commercial' tyre can support over 800 Kg. There is another important difference and that is that a commercial vehicle is likely to have a 'gross vehicle weight' of somewhere between 2600 and 3800 Kg this means a load on each tyre of between 650 and 950Kg. The maximum load at maximum pressure is vital information for both buyer and seller to be aware of, so virtually all tyres have the maximum load and maximum pressure clearly displayed on the side wall of the tyre.


Car tyres are usually made from just two 'plies' whereas commercial tyres are made with six or eight. This difference in construction also limits tyre pressures, car tyres are limited to a maximum of around 40 psi or less while van sized commercial tyres can safely inflate to around 65 psi.

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Incorrect tyre pressure has a huge impact on running cost and the environment. A tyre that is 20% (typically 7psi) under-inflated has an increased rolling resistance of 12%

Reducing tyre life by 50% and increasing fuel consumption by ~6%

Maintaining correct tyre pressures will therefore increase tyre life, reduce pollution caused by the manufacture process and reduce vehicle emissions.

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